LARP: The Gathering!

So, The Gathering is at the end of August, and I’m already getting excited about it. I know, I know, I’m sad. But I do enjoy LARP (live action role play) much more than I ever thought I would, so there!

This year, the Gathering looks to be a biggie. Me and G are going, of course, but this time, so is Mac, and maybe too Emma, Stephen and Frances. So I’m helluva happy I can introduce my lovely friends into the world of dressing up, getting drunk, and hitting people with latex swords. On a field. In the middle of summer.

It’s not all battles and fighting though, one of my favourite things about the Gathering is walking about the Marketplace in character (IC) and talking to other people also IC. It’s fun, and can descend into ridiculous quite quickly. Imagine being introduced to a goblin named Sir Nikaz Askew, or an elf called Salogel (read it backwards). These are the silly bits you can have a laugh at.

I love my character. Her name is Elivinessa and she’s an aristocratic runaway. She stowed away on a pirate (ahem, I mean conquistador) ship and was caught by the ships first mate Mister Joshua. Dragged in front of the terrifying Mr Bousen, and the the rest of the ship’s crew, she had to convince him not to make her walk the plank. Scared now, that the stories of pirates and sailing the high sea weren’t nearly as romantic and exciting as in the picturebooks, she falteringly pleaded for her life and lavished praise on their way of life. Men of honour, she called them, and free, something she desperately wanted to be a part of. She kept her aristocratic status secret, not knowing if they wouldn’t just hold her for ransom instead.

Mr Bousen, although not softening, asked her if she had any worth, any talent to bring to the ship. She admitted she was a mage, magic came naturally to her. The ship already had a mage, he replied, what need would they have for another? Mr Joshua spoke up, the only one on the ship who could get away with it, saying more power through magic wouldn’t be a bad thing. The other mage, Tsunami, was charged with teaching her, after he discovered she was powerful yet inexperienced. It was decided. She would receive 10 lashes of the whip for stowing away, and thereafter, would be in the charge of Mr Joshua, and a functioning member of the Ship. Mr Bousen cemented this decision but passing around a hip flask of rum, to each crew member, a mouthful.

Disembarking from the ship, the crew went to the nearest bar, where she tried to refuse Mr Bousen’s offer of a drink, with the rum still burning a hole in her stomach. Seeing the look upon his face, she quickly accepted, realising her future involved a LOT of drinking.

Since then, she has opened up a lot more, although still keeping her heritage secret, she is gaining confidence in her abilities as a mage, and has discovered she is adept at fighting with two daggers. She is quite close to Galandra, the ships healer, and tries to stay by her side to protect her during battles. She is always excited, though a bit apprehensive about going onshore, the threat of her family finding her always stronger on land, but the Elivinessa who joined the crew last year is a lot different to the Nessa who is there now.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting about the hunt for new costuming for Nessa. I’ve a few ideas, but it’ll take some time getting it together.

Tonight, Stephen and Frances are coming up to talk about the Gathering, and some weapons practice. Hopefully, their maybe will become a definite soon!

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