In which I blabber. A lot.

Yesterday I finally got the DVD I was in, a NuArt production for my local Housing Association to talk about the homeless people they re-home. I talked about it a few months ago, when I got all huffy over the fact that homeless people aren’t treated with the dignity or respect they deserve, or in fact, need. I still feel strongly about it, but, for now, it’ll have to be one more thing that’s shelved until I can give it the time it needs.

And I will do it.


The DVD was quite good, and I think it would be very helpful to send copies to hostels around the city, to show that yes, there is hope for finding a place of your own. It certainly helped that I got the last word in it! They spoke to three other new tenants, beside myself, in our new homes, and each of our stories, while being very different, were oh so familiar. One guy said that his pride was what stopped him from asking for help at first, and man, I can sing that particular song!

With the DVD, I was also sent this lovely crystal paperweight with PHA‘s symbol and logo, which is “people, places, opportunities.”

I’ve never known a logo to suit so well. The PHA treated me like a person, not another homeless reject, and provided me with a security I haven’t felt in such a long time.With no emotional obligations to me, they simply treated me with decency, heard my story, and gave me a lifeline. A home of my own. Unless you’ve ever been  in a similar position – I pray you haven’t even though too many are – I can’t really articulate the feelings that coursed through when I knew I was seeing that light of the end of a very dark, very long, tunnel.

In it’s most basic form – I was a person, given a place, which provided me with all my opportunities. I would not have a job I enjoy, my everloving and long suffering boyfriend now shares my address, my bed (as well as his DVD’s!), in short, a comfortable life, and freaking snake of all things!

Seriously, how gorram cute is he? He’s such a show off, loves the attention!
As soon as the camera is out, he’s all, ooh, get me close up! heh heh

Anyway, sorry…. I was saying… PHA are awesome. I love my life right now and I’ve got them to thank for it. I’m glad I could say as much for them. As soon as I can, I’m going to try to put the vid, at least my parts, online. I’ll have to ask them first, but I don’t see there being a problem – hopefully!

One thought on “In which I blabber. A lot.

  1. I really appreciate this post. Having gone thru something similar I applaud your honesty & your humility. Being homeless will do that to a person. Trust me I know- LOL
    and keep up the great posts, you’ve got a new fa!

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