LARP: Survival Guide

Today we’re off to get some last minute essentials for the Gathering, one of the biggest events the Lorien Trust puts on every year. We nearly weren’t able to make it at all, which would have been a first for Gof in the nearly 20 years he’s been going, but that’s a story I’ll be writing about soon. I first wrote this last year when we came back from the G, so thought I’d repost it since it’s on my mind. Any LARPers out there got anything to add? Comment below!

The crew of the El Toro!

There is never too much toilet roll, fresh socks, or cleansing wipes.

It is perfectly acceptable to have a cider for breakfast.

On that note, you’ll get away with a surprising amount if you have a beer to share.


Offer to help clean up. Contribute. You’ll have friends for life if you don’t wait to be asked.

Experienced players will (mostly) patiently answer questions, but don’t bogart their time. They’re there to have fun too.

Don’t pack more than you need. I can easily pack 3 suitcases and 14 pair of shoes for a weekend away, but have slimmed my essentials down to one small suitcase to last me 5 days. Not including weapons, of course.

There is never too much toilet roll, fresh socks, or cleansing wipes. It bears repeating.

Don’t get on your high horse about the state of the toilets. It could always be worse.

Shower early.

Look for unfamiliar or scared looking faces. If you’re new you’ll be in the same boat, if you’re experienced remember you felt like that once.

Always compliment the guy/girl in the amazing dragon/troll/etc costume. In character, you may end up with a powerful ally, and out of character that much effort deserves praise.

Remember the difference between laughing WITH people about the absurdity of it all and laughing AT them. Most larpers are easy going enough to be self-deprecating, but the minute you offend someone you’ll have at least a few hundred people annoyed at you. Word spreads fast and you’ll be on a site with people handy with a sword, axe, and a line of vicious insults.

Drink LOADS of water.

Carry a lighter, a pen, a small torch and spare tissues.

Remember this is a hobby, and as such is as important as each individual makes it. That said, have fun!

And remember the toilet roll.

Note – this is based on the Lorien Trust system, but I’ve tried to make it quite general

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