My first OCC Lip Tar!

I love this product. I need more! After deciding not to continue purchasing from Illamasqua, I’m getting my bright colours kick from Sugarpill and OCC from now on. Obviously I already adore Sugarpill but this is my first experience with OCC. And I’m overjoyed I finally bit the bullet and combined that with helping an incredibly brave woman. That they donated the Lip Tar as a perk for her campaign shows how wonderful they are. I can’t wait to try out the rest of their line! As I’m in the UK, I think I’ll be getting more OCC though this UK stockist.

January Hunt is amazing, and I’m so happy she reached her goal. I’m happy that I was able, in my own small way, to contribute to that. Read more about her inspiring story here.

Disclaimer – these guys don’t know me from Adam, I bought this item with my own cash and decided to review them. I’m sure they’re glad I like them.

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