Reader, I married him.



My bridal kit

So I’m getting married this week! Yikes! In keeping with my need to allow for any eventuality, I’ve put together a ‘kit’ of stuff I’m maybe likely probably gonna need on the morning. I’m not having bridesmaids as such, but some family and friends will be meeting me at the hotel so we can have a girly morning getting ready before its hitching time!

Since I made this video I’ve also put in a lint roller, a compact mirror, and an iPod with speakers so we’ll have music (and yes, I even done a playlist!).

Let me know if there’s anything else you would have put in, I’m thinking this (or at least a version of this) would be handy for camping, long haul travel, or just as a little emergency stash for your home. What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have an awesome week. I know I will!


Sadie, Sadie, (almost) married lady!
10 internet points to whoever gets the reference!