Oh Dear, Doe Deere!


I’m tired of people accusing me of Photoshop like there is a special circle of Hell for Photoshop users. First of all, obviously the campaigns I model for are going to be retouched – no company would ever release raws straight off the camera. But Instagram is the real deal. Sure, there are a few filters, but overall nobody has the time to photoshop their body, hair color (!), or face. My pictures look good because I do my makeup on-point, understand lighting (note how I’m usually in the floral bathroom, against a window) and know how to pose myself in a flattering way. Sometimes I’ll pop in a pair of colored contacts for effect ( Desio Color Contact Lenses green), but that’s it.

The whole point of cellphone-photography is that it’s honest & spontaneous. So don’t hate me because my selfies are beautiful.

You know what I’ve been playing with recently? A website called Foto Forensics, where you can upload pictures to see if they’ve been photoshopped. Of course, my main source of entertainment was the Unicorn Queen herself, Xenia Vorotova. Her ‘candid’ photos have been worked on, a lot of them quite extensively, and the funny thing is she genuinely believes she can convince the disbelieving masses otherwise just by throwing a strop. The latest is the screencap above, so I thought I’d test that theory.

By running the above photo through, I saw a great deal of retouching in it. Let’s have a look below. First off is Xenia’s ‘real deal’ photo, and to compare, a picture I took a few days ago, standing in front of my sister’s glass doors, on a fairly bright day, as per Xenia’s excuse. (Please note I wasn’t taking the picture for this purpose because I’m not a time traveller! It was just good luck :p)



So, without even looking into the analysis page of the Foto Forensics site, it’s pretty obvious one of these is not like the other. For one, I’m under no impression that ‘my selfies are beautiful’. Truthful, perhaps. I’m happy with that. But more than that, my analysed photo isn’t nearly as bloody bright! I’m wearing a full face of make up, including drawing in my eyebrows (but is it on point I wonder?), I have reasonable bright hair, and I’m all mysteriously pale and shit. And yet, apart from the outlines on my person, the details are pretty subdued. Even Xenia’s floral wallpaper is massively brighter! Her eyes and eyebrows (or really, where her eyes/brows should be, ammarite?) are hella bright for what shows on the original pic, and those nude coloured (so saying as they look nude but can’t say either way if any product was used) lips are as lit and defined as my lips are with my beloved NON nude lipstick. And let’s not get started on her magical special secret recipe hair compared to my sadly lacking just dyed normal ginger hair.

Ok, ok – I get that you’re going on my word that my photo is not retouched. By the same token, however – Xenia is asking you to believe her is too. Who is telling the really real truth here? I’m not telling you to believe me without merit – quite the opposite. I’m asking you to consider the evidence, and maybe even look into that analysis page for further research (for my own sanity I’m not even gonna try to put it in my own words so you may as well go straight to source) and decide for yourself what is what.

Xenia has made her fortune by lying, scheming, backstabbing and manipulating her way to the middle. She espouses magical special snowflake preciousness for her customers, then berates and insults them in the same breath, all the while charging them high end prices for low end make up. I don’t like her. I don’t like how she treats people. I don’t like how she uses and discards decent people. And I’m not going to shut up about it either.

I’m just giving my opinion, and the facts as best as I can. I don’t mind if you disagree with me. Hate me for it but don’t think you will scare me in any way. This will NOT be deleted or hidden. I’m Scottish, and therefore scarier than you. The internet never forgets anyway.

5 thoughts on “Oh Dear, Doe Deere!

  1. I was one of the commenters on DDL’s page and commented a lot when it came to photoshop deals. Here is my personal opinion.

    It’s clear she uses photoshop, first off. During any time of the day, including devil’s light (around 4-5PM), you can still see skin color. Your skin is semi-transparent which is why it varies in color. She is inside, facing the window. If she were using flash, there would be harsher shadows unless she used some filter with it to soften them. Point being, she’d have some trace of color to her face and has nearly none. In your face, I can see the yellows and the blues and the greens. In hers, it is white all except the portion reflecting her hair. I can take similar pictures with my actual camera and some filters to make me look less human, but with my phone or even with my mom’s (Mine is an older phone, mom’s is an iphone) there is no way for me to reach that level of brightness on anyone without harsh shadows or retouching in photoshop. In almost every image, professional and just for fun, you can actually see her. It’s only her instagram pictures of herself where her skin is white to the point all of her facial features almost vanish. I hardly see her actual nose.

    Another reason I’d say she uses Photoshop: Even in your picture, I can see the fine details. I can see the actual soft hairs from your face. I can see the strays. In her picture, everything is the same color. Almost no detailing to her face. My friend whom does modeling, professional events, and also uses Instagram will use filters on her face in some pictures and none in others and still looks like she has detail to her skin. As stated before, only Doe’s Instagram pictures take out 90% of the detailing on her face. She isn’t ethreal or angelic like she attempts. She is human, and she needs to stop lying. I can achieve the same look through use of photoshop and the camera tricks I know, even though I may not have bright hair. I personally miss her older photos when she had dark hair. At least we could see a human then.

    • i would like to point out the colour thing isn’t STRICTLY true.. the exposure on my phone is quite dodgy (i have one of those cameras that allows you to see the picture whilst you take it) and i’ve had it where before the photo has even been taken my face loses all colour and goes as white as it is here, it’s entirely dependant on exposure, that’s all 🙂

  2. http://doedeerefails.tumblr.com/post/44302822542/benjamin-button
    LOL well is anyone surprised that she thinks she needs to constantly address the rumors? If she really didn’t care then she would just let it be.

    “Obviously the campaigns I model for are going to be retouched”
    Whenever she doesn’t want to say SHE is responsible for something she twists words to make it seem like it is not her that is in control. Like when ever people complain on facebook she hides and makes her friends respond or she signs off with “The LC Team” instead of signing off with her own name and dealing with things herself by saying “I”. She’s always boasted about controlling everything and she is the one who always touches up her photos so she really needs to stop making it seem like it is out of her hands or like she ONLY does it for ads. No paid artist that is good at their job would retouch photos like she does because it’s so bad and Photoshop retouching is so basic. She just needs to stop with the lies. She reminds me of that Madonna Photoshop comparison floating around where you can see her real face before and after.
    I don’t remember this being a part of any campaign! Lol!!

  3. As a skin care professional in the business for nearly a decade, let me just say that nobody on earth over the age of 12 has an under eye area that is perfectly smooth and matching in color/tone exactly with the rest of the facial skin. There was certainly retouching in that area.

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