Christmas Traditions

I’ve been thinking about Christmas traditions lately. When I was growing up, we kids got ‘fresh’ pyjamas for Christmas Eve and we always had a stocking with satsumas and chocolate coins. For a long while I drifted between family and friends Christmases and seen their own traditions, like having a cocktail evening on Boxing Day or going for a long walk after dinner. One of my favourites was opening a small present on Christmas Eve!

Right now, I have a few traditions of my own, borne of having Christmas morning to myself since Gof usually worked on Christmas Day (so he didn’t have to on Hogmanay which is more important to a Scottish person!). This included getting up with Gof for a wee Baileys coffee, then lighting my Christmas candles and settling on the sofa with a Christmas movie (last year was Trading Places which is so a Christmas movie!), spiced sugar porridge and yes, more Baileys coffee! I’ve also kept up my childhood tradition of fresh pyjamas for Christmas Eve. Of course, I always make the spiced sugar. For the 3rd year in a row, I’ll also be making whisky glazed carrots for a side dish to take to my friend’s house, where we’ll be spending the day.

What are your traditions? Let me know!

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