Hiding in plain sight.

tw – this talks about suicide and ideation. It is pretty graphic in places, but I didn’t want to pussyfoot around or downplay the seriousness of this issue. If you feel like this may trigger your own illness, please do not read this and call a group or local medical authority for help. I’ve included 2 numbers for UK and US readers since that where stats tell me most of my readers are from.

Mind – 03001233393 (UK) 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -1-800-273-8255 (USA)

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KaleidoScot interviewed me!

Just after Glasgow Pride I was asked to answer a few questions about my perspective on gay life in Glasgow. I identify as bisexual although the article did erroneously label me as straight, which they apologised for and offered to clarify (I thanked them and told them it was fine), but aside that, I really enjoyed talking to Jonathan (new friend alert!) and was absolutely overjoyed to be offered a writing position on the strength of that interview! I’ll link any work I do there here, but I figure I’ll let you see this great interview first, and hopefully introduce some of you to the brilliant work KaleidoScot have done! Let me know what you think!


My Pride 2014 make up!


I don’t write about my religious beliefs much. I tried to, but let’s face it – it’s a sticky subject, and a conversation I don’t need to be having with strangers on the internet. That being said, I will say that I am quite spiritual, and have faith. Just not in organised religion. It’s a long and boring (for those of you who aren’t me) story that I may tell another time, and it leads to a greater appreciation and wonder of the world around me.

Lughnasadh has always been a favourite sabbat of mine. More than any other, it reminds me to take note of my hard work, where it’s paid off, and how I need to work in the future. It lets me pause to reap the harvest of what I’ve put into my life, both good and bad – and deal with the consequences of that truth. Right now, it couldn’t have come at a better moment. Almost like what I’m doing and how I’m doing it reached a point where I take what I’ve got so far and run with it. This is what I have to see me through winter, and beyond.

So as I lift my hands and brace myself to work hard, I feel loved and blessed by influences within and without. I ask for the strength, will and determination to see my plans though. I want to give my all. To grow, live, learn and succeed.

This is my prayer to Lugh.