I don’t write about my religious beliefs much. I tried to, but let’s face it – it’s a sticky subject, and a conversation I don’t need to be having with strangers on the internet. That being said, I will say that I am quite spiritual, and have faith. Just not in organised religion. It’s a long and boring (for those of you who aren’t me) story that I may tell another time, and it leads to a greater appreciation and wonder of the world around me.

Lughnasadh has always been a favourite sabbat of mine. More than any other, it reminds me to take note of my hard work, where it’s paid off, and how I need to work in the future. It lets me pause to reap the harvest of what I’ve put into my life, both good and bad – and deal with the consequences of that truth. Right now, it couldn’t have come at a better moment. Almost like what I’m doing and how I’m doing it reached a point where I take what I’ve got so far and run with it. This is what I have to see me through winter, and beyond.

So as I lift my hands and brace myself to work hard, I feel loved and blessed by influences within and without. I ask for the strength, will and determination to see my plans though. I want to give my all. To grow, live, learn and succeed.

This is my prayer to Lugh.

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