My top 10 games!

Gof tagged me in this on Facebook, and it turned into a bit of an essay, so I thought I’d post it here!

Ten games that have influenced, impacted me, or I’ve just enjoyed the hell out of.

1. Super Mario 3 (NES, Wii) was the first game I spent hours playing… After I wrestled the controller away from my mum! I still have it on my Wii, N cards still memorised!

2. Goldeneye (N64), my uncle hitchhiked from down south with the console and the game for our Christmas, and I used to stay up nights playing it over and over. I lost months playing that game!

3. Silent Hill (PS) was the first horror game I played, with my then boyfriend. We crapped it over and over, but again – couldn’t stop playing! Never had a more atmospheric and terrifying experience playing a game since.

4. Super Mario Kart (N64) was my first real experience playing with and against other people. Many a family night was spent trying to blow each other up, use dirty tactics and lie, cheat and steal our way to the top. Srs bsns. All clean family fun, complete with life lessons.

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