Snugglebumm back to life!

Spritely’s original look

So this wee Snugglebumm has been in my life for as long as I’ve been alive (1984!) and poor Spritely has been through the wars, becoming filthy and bald. I finally gave him a makeover and a new hairdo, the colour isn’t the same as his original hair but I think he suits it! Boy looks FANCY now!

I used a mix of dish soap, bicarb soda and warm water, scrubbed him with a soft toothbrush and cleaned off as much glue off as possible. Luckily the dirt lifted right off and most of the glue residue came up too.

I tried a few different ways to fit his new hair, from tracing a pattern onto a scrap fabric, which emphatically did not work, to trying to sharpie the outline of the head then pressing the fabric onto the wet ink. Also didn’t work. I ended up just pressing the centre of the hair onto the centre of the head, then pushing the edges in, cutting the excess, then glueing the edges down using E6000 and pushing it back into place. I had to go in very small spaces, slowly, since there wasn’t a flat straight line at any point! This took the longest time but was worth it.

I was worried I’d not like the difference in colour for his hair – but luckily it was a pretty perfect match to the darker blue of his brows, freckles, mouth, and heart! That was indeed a happy accident, and to be honest I think I actually prefer it to his original hair!

He now sits on my computer desk and I can’t stop smiling when I look at him. I’m so happy with the outcome!

Ok this isn’t my computer desk but the cat tower is right next to the window!

I have another 2 toy projects to work on, my Lucy rag doll needs A LOT of work and I’ve already started, so hopefully a post on that is coming soon. The other is just some cleaning up and potentially replacing some wool hair of my horse Bobbin (from The Land of Pleasant Dreams range). I’m excited to work on them!

What was your favourite childhood toy? Do you still have it?

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