Useful beauty tips? Here?

I’ll never be a beauty guru. I’m utterly fine with that; I have neither the skill nor the ego to deal with that kind of attention. I dealt with a small kind of notoriety writing Oh Dear Doe Deere for years. I couldn’t handle that and the nonsense that comes with trying to be hashtag glam too.

Plus my lipstick application is SHITE.

In saying that, I have a love affair with cosmetics. I used to play with my mum’s makeup when I was a kid and no one told me I wasn’t allowed to use lipstick as blush or that I had to tame my eyebrows. My mum has most of the photos, but here’s 2 of my favourites that I’ve managed to nab at some point. Be gentle!

Living my blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick and top knot fantasy at 9
On my way to a dance competition (aforementioned lipstick-as-eyeshadow!) at 11

Have you ever seen more 90’s photos in your life? Believe me, my mum is a prolific photographer so there’s more where that came from! There may be many Spice Girl related videos too…

Anyway, despite not being a fancy gooroo, I have managed to pick up a few not so standard beauty tips in my time. Everyone knows they should always clean their makeup off before bed and drinking water is the best thing for your skin, but what about the stuff you kinda figure only you do? I want to know yours, so here’s mine!

  • When cleaning my makeup brushes, I dry them off as much as possible by laying them on a microfibre cloth then holding my hair dryer with the diffuser over them. ALWAYS use a cool setting and don’t expect them to dry completely, but usually they’ll be dry enough to use within about 5 minutes if you’re in a rush.
  • I’m guilty of always thinking my manicure or pedicure is dry enough to touch and immediate ruining it. I’m spoilt by acrylics and gels, but in between those I still sometimes use regular nail polish. I got over ruining them by doing something I can waste hours on – gaming! I’ll paint my nails right before I sit down to play Fallout knowing I won’t accidentally brush them against something while they dry!
  • I’m better at it now, but I used to never be able to cope with doing the cold water splash on my face. I tackled that by instead washing my hands in super cold water until they were cold then press them against my face. I think it still helped without shocking my face. I still mostly do this instead of a full splash of water.
  • Not so odd, but even before I started to do the Curly Girl Method, I used an old t-shirt as a hair towel instead of a regular. Taking it a bit further, if I’m doing a deep condition treatment, I’ll wrap my hair in tee to squeeze out some of the moisture, then pop the wet tee on a warm radiator while I apply the treatment, before wrapping the warm damp tee back around my hair. If the radiator isn’t on (for those 2 days of Scottish summer), I’ll just blast my hairdry over my tee wrapped hair while the treatment does its thing!
  • I always try to clean my hair brushes with a toothbrush and kids shampoo. With the amount styling products I use it’s really a necessity to get rid of the build up! It’s kinda more satisfying than cleaning my makeup brushes to be honest!

What are your favourite personal beauty habits? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Useful beauty tips? Here?

  1. I’m using an all natural aloe vera gel as an alternative to a night cream as the ones I’ve tried over the years have all been too heavy for my combination skin. It’s lovely and tightens and refreshes my skin far better than generic creams 😊

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