The No BS List of What I’m Obsessed With Right Now

So my friends Jen and Courtney recently shared their lists of what they’re obsessed with at the moment, and I jumped on the chance to create a relatively easy post because I’m lazy af (see: the rest of the content I create).

Turns out, even writing about stuff I’m obsessed with is hard! Who knew? My own laziness lied to me. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Anyway, onwards!


I’ve just came back from Lorien Trust‘s The Gathering of Nations event. Yup, I’m a LARPer. Yip, it’s just as geeky, crazy and fun as you suspect. Before the event, I was busy making a ton (ok 4) of stuff from scratch, as well as updating and making existing costumes more awesome. I’m going to write a post about it shortly! I’ve since packed away (most of) my kit for the year, but the making bug has not left. There was still some stuff I wanted to make and after my ankle heals (another story!) I’ll be back on my sewing machine, where I plan on making another tunic for Gof, a dress for my sister, a skirt for me and a *something* for my nephew. Here’s just a couple of pics of what I made so far, I’ll get better pics for the other post! (Also yes, my nephew is literally the cutest)


Gof and I are currently eating what I’m calling lazy Keto (me, lazy? Groundbreaking). At the moment, it’s just not financially feasible to go 100% Keto but frankly we’re seeing great results in weight loss, energy levels and improved skin already. One of the biggest changes is substituting rice with broccoli rice and frankly, I doubt I’ll ever go back. I was terrible at making rice anyway, but this is SO easy to do. I often say regular rice is simply a carrier for other flavours, whereas broccoli rice enhances the dish with more flavour. My current favourite dish is homemade veg curry with broccoli. So filling and delicious!


Alongside the Keto diet, I’ve also upped my water intake tremendously. I’ve always stuck to drinking squash in my home and dislike buying fizzy drinks because THEN I’LL DRINK IT. My new rule, which I’ve stuck to, is only fizzy when I’m using it as a mixer (although my alcohol intake is very low at the moment) and no more 2ltr bottles in my shopping. It might be more cost effective but when I’m drinking it all it’s hurting my body. My purse doesn’t have health issues. I do. I’m not saying never, I’m allowing myself to have a can here and there – but I’ve wanted one maybe twice in the least month. GOOD THING. But yeah – water and squash is cool and you should do that thing.


Gof thinks I’m crazy because I can read several different books and keep them seperate. I call it practice. I’m always reading. (Ask about the beans story one day!). Right now I’ve restarted Good Omens – I read it years ago but deliberately didn’t re-read it ahead of the tv adaption so I could enjoy it on it’s own merits. I loved it so much and I’m enjoying reading it now with the actors playing the roles in my mind. I’m also re-reading Treasure Island because my LARP group is a bunch of pirates gentlemen of fortune and I’m trying to combat post-event blues. In the non-fiction section, I’m also reading Lookers Into Bookers, a marketing book written by my friend and old boss, Chris Torres. It’s focused on marketing in the tourism industry, but so much of the advice and information is totally transferable to other sectors and no he did not pay me to say this. I’m just so proud of him.


Fallout 76. Yup, it’s had its fair share of backlash and it still isn’t perfect – but I really love exploring post-apocalyptic Appalachia. If nothing else, it’s the only online game I’ve truly enjoyed and played long term. I adore the GTA games but I just gave up on the online side within a few weeks of it going live. Too much hassle. For now, I’m enjoying being a good and kind witch in West Virginia. If you’re on Playstation, add me! I’m mamasilverside (shocker).

Take me hoooommmeee, country roooooads….


I’m enjoying watching the colours change for autumn; my favourite season. I really really can’t handle heat so I’ve been hiding indoors over summer. I’m enjoying getting back out for my walks around my neighbourhood as well as just watching my dear green place turn a bit more autumnal.

Glasgow Uni is a mere 5 minutes from my door!


I finally got into the Derry Girls and holy hell (pun intended) did I do myself wrong by not getting into it earlier. As a Catholic school survivor I find the humour so on point, and although I wasn’t subject to the entirely too scary ‘growing up in The Troubles‘ childhood, Glasgow has a massive Irish community (even if generations removed), and as such has the same sectarian history and culture (essentially Catholic and Protestant fighting each other, a lot of the time literally). I relate all too well to these kids just trying to be normal in abnormal circumstances. I remember wondering why it was wrong to question why it was so important to everyone – and why it was worth the violence we did to each other. I still wonder that.


Next month I was supposed to get my third ankle operation; the second on my right ankle. I’ve been waiting since April and was gearing up for it. Last week I was told it had been delayed as my surgeon needed emergency surgery of his own and it threw his schedule out. I’m glad he’s ok – he’s a lovely guy who actually listens to me – but I’m really down about the delay. However, I did say I’d be available at short notice should any cancellations come from now til the end of December (provisionally when my date will be) so I’m hoping that’ll come through. Please hope with me. I’m eager to get my ankle sorted!


Layers! Yay autumn! I’ve been pulling out all of my comfiest clothes and making like a fat (not a negative word!) witch. Since I wear mostly black and jewel tones, I focus on textures and there’s no better time to wear them all together than in autumn. From sheer kimono style cardigans to velvet gloves and plaid skirts, chunky sweaters and patterned tights, I get to throw it all on and call it FASHUN, DARLING. The last year or so has really seen me return to my gothy aesthetic and it makes me so happy. I used to care so much about my clothes, then I got really depressed and STARTED WEARING JEANS. I do not suit jeans. Now, I’m back to picking out clothes with intention and it shows. Want a peek at my favourite style? I spend way too much time on Pinterest looking for inspiration, since about 90% of my clothes shopping comes from charity and thrift shops.


My house out! I started as a way of preparing for that aforementioned surgery, since I’d be house-bound for a few weeks after it and even the smallest thing would definitely start bugging me. I’m getting rid of so much stuff I simply don’t use or even need and it feels so freeing. Luckily I live in the middle of second hand shop heaven, so they’re benefiting from my clear out! I used to have 4 full boxes of ‘sentimental’ stuff just taking up space – I’ve cleared that down to half of one box. It’s an ongoing process but I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. We have waaaay too much stuff for a one bed flat – and we both have hobbies that involve THINGS; burlesque, general sewing, miniature painting and table top gaming, larp, reading and movies – it all takes up space. We recently got rid of over 100 DVDs but that was less than half of our overall collection so possibly need to do that one again… I’ve just started on the books which is considerably harder since we both love having the physical books instead of online/e-reader copies. We’ll get there. Eventually.

Right on, Giles

Ok, I could go on – there was a lot more subjects to discuss in Jen’s post but since I’m quite incapable of writing a brief sentence when a novel will do, I’ll stop here! Please let me know if you also do this kind of post, I’d love to see what you’re up to right now too! See you soon!

4 thoughts on “The No BS List of What I’m Obsessed With Right Now

  1. I really hope you can have your surgery sooner. I worry about you and your ankle! You’re doing great with lazy keto. I’m so glad you’re seeing the energy benefits!

    • Believe me, loads of people worry so you’re in good company – I’m an actual danger to myself haha

      I’m so happy I finally started Keto, maybe I’ll go 100% at some point but the fact we’re both seeing the positive effects already is so encouraging!

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