Autumn falls…

I don’t talk about my spirituality often but I’m feeling closer to my faith than I have all year. This time of year, with the changing of the seasons and the focus of both shedding old thoughts, feelings and physical items while celebrating hearth and home, preparing to get ever more comfortable and cosy for the months ahead, truly make it my favourite time of year.

I’ve always been a homebody, and my mental health is intrinsically linked to how my flat is. Right now, it’s in a state of flux – better than it has been, but still a bit messy and overwhelming at times. I’m making a real effort to go through my home, cutting out the unnecessary and letting go of the things I no longer need. Whether by giving things away, donating to charity or being a little more mercenary and selling – I’ve been finding a certain peace in the conscious decisions to not need so much.

But it’s not all letting things go. I’ve been rediscovering my personal style and I’ve been taking great care and even pride in curating a new wardrobe and home decor. It sounds a bit extra, but shopping with intention and not just necessity has made my heart and soul happy. I’ve mostly stuck to charity shopping for these and I’m happy with that – I may not get everything immediately but it’s almost more exciting to find something I’ve decided on, like I’ve manifested my desires in a way that enriches charities I support, as well as mostly being more unique and less mass manufactured. It’s not always possible, of course – but it’s my priority before I consider other options. It’s never not exciting to wish for something and discover it in a little shop, just waiting for me.

My physical health is going through changes too. Doing a form of lazy Keto with Gof has made me appreciate food again, and has astonished me with the noticeable and immediate difference in how my body reacts to certain foods. Without realising it, being sluggish and feeling heavy within myself had become so normal that when that started lifting I almost felt like a superhero. It’s a process though – I’m currently having a bit of a downswing physically, but mentally I’m ok. It’s weird to feel content even when I’m physically exhausted for no discernible reason. I know it’ll pass though. My focus is still on achieving my goals, I’m just allowing myself a small pause to let my energy build back up. It’s almost too easy to let my mental health be affected by this and I’m actively fighting against that submission to negativity. I’m hopeful that I’m winning that battle more than I lose it. Intention is sometime exhausting, but I won’t be giving myself a hard time for not getting it right all the time.

The changes in my life seem so mundane, so ‘of course’ that it’s easy to not attribute it to the time of year unless you connect those dots, and I do. Call it Mabon, Autumn, Equinox or just coincidence in timing, whatever. For me, it’s a reminder of the close link in the spiritual and physical realms I try to honour. Sitting down and really thinking about my life and my choices also allows me to give thanks for the life I have and to honour the inside and outside influences in that. I am happy in welcoming the changes I manifest as well as the changes coming my way from the wider world. It allows me to be thankful, mindful and accepting.

And on note, tonight I am indulging in some self care; lighting some candles, having some extra skincare steps and listening to meditative music (I adore Ivan Torrent for this!) and generally having a lovely night. I hope you too!

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