BONUS | Ursula Nails

I finally did my Ursula makeup in my last video because my gorgeous pal at Nova Nails INSISTED (quite correctly) I needed these nails and I couldn’t not do my makeup while I had these on.

Jaki is a darling friend and I wanted to give her extra thanks for my delightful nails by putting together this wee video for her. Not sponsored or anything, I’m just extra as hell 😀 If you’re in Glasgow (hell, even if you’re not), please feel free to follow/add her at her socials and tell her Mama sent ya 😛

I’ve got another Painting for the Back Row coming up – it should have been filmed 2 weeks ago but I got hit with the flu and am only just now feeling well enough to film. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!



Kinda. I’m actually not happy with how this turned out, figures that not performing for a year seriously hampers with my concept of how I prefer my Ursula to look. I’m seriously annoyed I didn’t bring the blue up much higher. Eh, I’ll film it again in a few months and see how that turns out!

As before, I’ve deliberately not mentioned most of the makeup I use. With a few exceptions that I did mention, the makeup I use isn’t even set in stone for me, nevermind the idea you MUST use the same makeup I use should you wish to do this look. Use what you have!

Now that I’ve finally done this, I want to do a few other ‘Painting For The Back Row’ videos, where I film putting on stage makeup for each of my acts. After I’ve completed that (in about 326 years at the rate I’m going!) I’ll redo Ursula. Sound good?

Oh, and my DIVINE nails are by my wonderful friend Jaki at Nova Nails. This was filmed one full week (and 5 days of autumn deep cleaning!) after application but as you can see, they still look wonderful. She didn’t know I would be filming like this, and it’s not an ad, I just wanted to show support to someone who has always been a caring, loving friend. I’m lucky she’s in my life. Check out her socials :

Nova Nails Facebook
Nova Nails Instagram

Catch you poor unfortunate souls later!

10 minute make up (aka fling it on your face and hope for the best)

I constantly talk about doing more videos, but YouTube isn’t making it very welcoming for the people who already create so much awesome content, never mind someone who will admittedly be very very sporadic about it.

For instance, my good friend Courtney, who has been blogging and doing videos for over a decade was recently hit with instant demonetization on her recent Summer Goth Lookbook for no discernable reason. Luckily her appeal went through successfully but she shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place. She creates quality, enjoyable and informative content and I really can’t see what the issue would have been.

My other friend Ali is also constantly battling the powers that be over being paid a fair amount for the content she creates for the platform. She also kills it with her content and she’s insanely (and rightly) popular in her community and her views reflect that. Still, she also needs to go out of her way to make sure her subscribers actually see her content instead of trusting in the supposed tools (ring the bell!) available on YouTube.

I digress, as usual. I have videos sitting on my computer ready to upload but they’re so dear to me that I think I’d actually be really upset if they didn’t do particularly well. I worked hard on them and yet I can’t seem to pull the trigger on actually putting them up.

So instead, I put up this. A no nonsense, low effort but fun video. Why not? It might encourage me to finally get those other ones up – but for now enjoy my ridiculous face for 10 minutes. Have fun!

Useful beauty tips? Here?

I’ll never be a beauty guru. I’m utterly fine with that; I have neither the skill nor the ego to deal with that kind of attention. I dealt with a small kind of notoriety writing Oh Dear Doe Deere for years. I couldn’t handle that and the nonsense that comes with trying to be hashtag glam too.

Plus my lipstick application is SHITE.

In saying that, I have a love affair with cosmetics. I used to play with my mum’s makeup when I was a kid and no one told me I wasn’t allowed to use lipstick as blush or that I had to tame my eyebrows. My mum has most of the photos, but here’s 2 of my favourites that I’ve managed to nab at some point. Be gentle!

Living my blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick and top knot fantasy at 9
On my way to a dance competition (aforementioned lipstick-as-eyeshadow!) at 11

Have you ever seen more 90’s photos in your life? Believe me, my mum is a prolific photographer so there’s more where that came from! There may be many Spice Girl related videos too…

Anyway, despite not being a fancy gooroo, I have managed to pick up a few not so standard beauty tips in my time. Everyone knows they should always clean their makeup off before bed and drinking water is the best thing for your skin, but what about the stuff you kinda figure only you do? I want to know yours, so here’s mine!

  • When cleaning my makeup brushes, I dry them off as much as possible by laying them on a microfibre cloth then holding my hair dryer with the diffuser over them. ALWAYS use a cool setting and don’t expect them to dry completely, but usually they’ll be dry enough to use within about 5 minutes if you’re in a rush.
  • I’m guilty of always thinking my manicure or pedicure is dry enough to touch and immediate ruining it. I’m spoilt by acrylics and gels, but in between those I still sometimes use regular nail polish. I got over ruining them by doing something I can waste hours on – gaming! I’ll paint my nails right before I sit down to play Fallout knowing I won’t accidentally brush them against something while they dry!
  • I’m better at it now, but I used to never be able to cope with doing the cold water splash on my face. I tackled that by instead washing my hands in super cold water until they were cold then press them against my face. I think it still helped without shocking my face. I still mostly do this instead of a full splash of water.
  • Not so odd, but even before I started to do the Curly Girl Method, I used an old t-shirt as a hair towel instead of a regular. Taking it a bit further, if I’m doing a deep condition treatment, I’ll wrap my hair in tee to squeeze out some of the moisture, then pop the wet tee on a warm radiator while I apply the treatment, before wrapping the warm damp tee back around my hair. If the radiator isn’t on (for those 2 days of Scottish summer), I’ll just blast my hairdry over my tee wrapped hair while the treatment does its thing!
  • I always try to clean my hair brushes with a toothbrush and kids shampoo. With the amount styling products I use it’s really a necessity to get rid of the build up! It’s kinda more satisfying than cleaning my makeup brushes to be honest!

What are your favourite personal beauty habits? Let me know!

My nails broke my heart!

*none of the links are sponsored or affiliated, I’m no influencer!*

Over the last few months I’ve been pretty unwell and as a result my entire body is totally run down. It’s still going on, and I think at some point I’ll write about it. I’ve been bumping up my skin and hair care lately to combat my shitty immune system, but I neglected my nails. So, a couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to spectacular purple acrylics from my gorgeous and talented friend Jaki at Nova Nails; then last Tuesday I went back and had them removed, deciding to a gel manicure over my natural nails afterwards. I’ve done this loads of times with no issue so didn’t expect anything different this time. I tend to prefer to go from acrylic, to gel, to natural nails, then repeat as desired. It’s a system that’s always worked for me. However, a few hours after getting them done, I knew something wasn’t right.

My nails felt absolutely fine during treatment but now they were weak, bending and finally split in a few places. They bled a bit and were sore to touch. I’ve always had great nails and this has literally never happened before. I trust my friend completely and knew it wasn’t anything they did wrong. I instantly realised my utterly run down immune system has affected my nails too. Thankfully, Jaki had some availability the next morning and she recommended we get the gel straight off and get some IBX treatment on them, so that’s what she did.

Last week, straight after the first IBX treatment

This is what I ended up with. My nails are so thin that she didn’t want to use too much acetone or overbuff to take the gel off so there’s a little bit still on, but I already feel the difference just having the IBX on. I’m so grateful she was able to help me straight away – now I’m barred from any kind of polish or acrylics for at least 6 weeks so I can intensively look after them!

I picked up Sally Hansen Vitamin E cuticle oil last week and I’ve been using it constantly, but wasn’t exactly thrilled with it; weirdly I felt it dried in super quick and left my nails feeling almost gritty? Anyway, I’ve switched to this Cutex Intensive Recovery oil and already I’m feeling it is more moisturising and it smells lovely. I’ve got another IBX treatment next week and after talking to Jaki about in between treatments, I’ve decided to apply a green tea & bamboo nail strengthener tonight before re-upping the cuticle oil. I’ve also picked up acetone free polish remover so I can remove that before the IBX treatment. I’ve decided to keep my nails as short as possible since they seem to be growing more straight, I’ve lost the C-curve of my nails for now and the whites of my nails were catching on EVERYTHING which was painful since they were bending backwards. Ouch.

Today, post cuticle oil up!

Like I said, I’ve never had an issue with my nails before. It makes sense that since my hair and skin have been suffering, my nails would too. Putting acrylics over already less than optimal nails (although granted not bad enough to be noticeable at that point) wouldn’t have helped. Having Jaki pretty much on call has been wonderful; I’ve had issues with hair/skin before and can handle that, but my nails suffering is a new and weirdly scary thing for me. I’ve made sure to also eat more iron and protein rich foods, which has also helped my hair and skin, so I’m really pushing the self care inside and outside!

To be honest the thing I’m struggling with most is keeping my nails out of water as much as possible. I take about 25 minutes just to wash and condition my hair, and wet style it since I’m bringing my curls back, plus I tend to do the dishes every evening. Avoiding the hair wash has been doable for now since I only wash it once a week (although I’m really pushing it now!) but not doing the dishes has thrown my evening routine out of whack. Plus I hate waking up to a full sink so I’ve had to moan at Gof to do them, and he already does plenty of chores! I got kitchen gloves and used them today even though I generally hate them. Needs must!

In saying that, I’m happy with the progress so far. There’s definitely a massive difference in the strength of my nails. It’ll take some time before they are back to normal, and I’ll check in when there’s more to talk about!

Next blog, what I’m doing hair and skin wise? Let me know!

First Impressions | I bought Lime Crime!?

So I did the thing. This isn’t a review, nor is it supposed to be anything but my opinion. Let’s face it, I’m no guru and I’m not pretending to know anything about makeup. I keep saying/writing this because I know I’ll still get people saying I’m a know nothing jeliz hater. I mean, come on – I didn’t even bother putting make up on for this video!

In any case, I hope you enjoy this and I’d love to read your thoughts on what I discuss in this.