An ode to my new cooker

Welcome to our home, new cooker!

You fit perfectly into the space left behind 

By the one who served us so well

She was too small but worked extra hard

You are exactly what we need now

Bigger and stronger, with extra goodies

I can’t wait to work with you!

Welcome to our home, new cooker

I dub thee Slyvia.

I’m embarrassingly excited about our new cooker. It’s the first brand new cooker I’ve owned – I’ve only ever had second hand or built in ones before. She’s a beaut though. Our old cooker was a great wee thing, but wee is the operative word there, a 50cm width in a 60cm space. It looked not great and it meant we were constantly dropping stuff down the sides. When it finally packed in (after 6 years of us having it, I don’t know how long my friend had it before us) I was sad – it was the best oven I’d owned for baking and such. The brand (Zanussi) is pretty expensive and there was little chance of replacing it with a comparable one. Damnit. Because it died on us so suddenly, we didn’t exactly have the spare cash floating around for a decent replacement. I looked on gumtree and ebay, but Gof was insistent on a brand new one.

I looked around and didn’t see anything either of us liked. It was clear we needed a 60cm one and that limited the bells and whistles we could get. I decided to hold off a few days. I’m glad I did! Going back onto the Curry’s website, I spotted a Zanussi on sale, from £549.99 (ie waaay out of budget) to £299.99! My awesome mother-in-law loaned us some cash so we wouldn’t struggle with the added expense this month (thanks M!). Even more luckily, we were able to take advantage of a special offer through Gof’s bank, so the total came to £279.99. I’ve never really paid attention to those bank offers, but I will now!

So essentially, we paid £80 for a £550 cooker. Obviously, we will be paying M back (she’s saying she won’t take it but she bloody will!) but even then it’s still a freaking steal. Now we have a cooker that fits in the space and increased capacity, along with the awesome power of our old beloved cooker. Perfect.

And just in time for Christmas!



I’m in Wales!

So a last minute family thing meant last Monday I woke up in Cardiff. Don’t worry, I meant to be there! I came down after I decided I needed to see my awesome sister, she was a few days post partum after giving a wonderful couple their longed for child and I just wanted to…. Well, I’ll be honest, I wanted to get drunk with her! So, large bottle of gin in hand (courtesy of the fabulous Maclean-Greavey’s!) I booked a sleeper coach down to Wales -a bargain at twice the price at £15 – I left on Sunday night and cosied in to my bunk and watched movies until I fell asleep.

Side note – Megabus have seriously upped their game with these new(ish) sleeper coaches. Warm, clean, free wifi and a socket for each customer, I would have paid more than £15 to travel down considering I usually pay much more to travel by train and that usually involves a 5 hour stop over in Crewe to save money! Will be using again 🙂

Monday morning was wonderful, I got to see the kids before they went to school and I caught up with Lyndsay, who I’ve not seen since my wedding 3 months ago. When she was still very pregnant. On the hottest day of the year. Oops. She wasn’t best pleased, obviously. The rest of the week has past in a blur of late night gin, playing with the kids, bursting with pride at hearing them read, kicking my sister and brother-in-law out for the whole day (then night ;p), and falling asleep listening to Rhi the hamster spin in her wheel.

I’m staying at my mums tonight, and tomorrow we’re driving back to Glasgow. I’m sad to leave, but home is calling me and I miss my husband. (Squee!) the time away has helped me recharge my batteries and I’m raring to go, hit the ground running etc etc. I need to find a new job, restart taking care of myself and stop letting things overwhelm me. I’ve let myself spiral back down without really noticing and pretty much every aspect of my life has suffered. Being in Wales this week has crystallised my mind and reaffirmed my commitment to myself and my mental health. It’s funny, I came here to be there for my sister and she ended up helping me more. As usual. Of course, I still fed her gin though!

So yeah. Home. And when I’m home – things are changing. For the better. And when I’m feeling down, I know now only £15 will find me back in gorgeous Wales, my second home, to regroup. It’s a lovely thought.

20131006-220009.jpgsky on fire from the back garden.